After we have assessed the problem with a thorough history and physical tests for joint, soft tissue restrictions, faulty movement patterns and any of the listed specific tests, we formalize a treatment plan. Treatments are designed to assist you reach your goals and are accomplished with active participation in the recovery process.

Patient Education
Our personalized approach promotes patient comprehension. We believe that in order to fully solve any physical problem it requires patient involvement and understanding. We will spend the time it takes so you understand and you can participate in your own recovery.

Exercise Perscription
Mechanical Treatments, Functional Simulation, Therapeutic Exercises, Joint Stabilization, Balance Training, Flexibility Stretches

Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, Cold Laser, Iontophoresis, Microcurrent

Soft Tissue/Scar Mobilization
ASTYM, Joint Mobilization, Medical Massage

Healthy Positions & Movements
Posture and Body Mechanics