We partner with our patients.
We believe patient involvement is critical to a successful outcome. We actively involve you in every stage of your treatment. We listen to yours needs and goals and direct your care to meet those goals.

We educate you
We make sure you are educated about your condition, by assisting you with information about your prognosis and guide you with information on how you can improve your physical health.

We focus on one patient at time
During your appointment, you will receive one-on-one, attention by a single therapist. Our primary goal is to provide the care you need to reach your goals. Private treatment rooms are available as needed to ensure your privacy.

We provide individualized treatments
Because no two patients are identical, every patient receives a unique and personalized course of treatment.  Your exercises and care are tailored to you and your goals.

We emphasize function
Each session is designed to advance you toward accomplishing tasks you have been unable to perform because of your condition.

We provide complementary treatment techniques
We use a combination of techniques to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to optimize your function, and manage your condition to a functional level, often better then before therapy.