Thank you for your patience & kindness & firmness in fixing my broken wing. I saw my physician today and he said I am back to at least 90%. I am ready to continue my home exercises with a grateful heart. I told my doctor what a wonderful job you do and the funny thing is, he seemed to have already heard it many times! Rest assured if I ever need PT again, I will come back to you and refer all my friends. May you continue to do the wonderful work that makes all the difference.


Thanks to Trails End Physical Therapy for all they did to help me recover from knee surgery. I know I did a lot of whining, but it helped me so much. I am doing well - getting stronger. All the exercises that were given to me are very valuable. I try to get them done everyday. Dawn is a really good therapist. She is an asset to the medical field.


Just a note to let everyone know I am getting along better all of the time. I felt pretty hopeless when I arrived at "Trails End" and when I left, I had hope!


Thanks to Trails End Physical Therapy, I am feeling a lot better. My lower back is not in pain, nor do I have trouble sleeping at night. Dawn Used the McKenzie method and within days, I was cured. No more Emergency visits or taking time from work! To this day I still practice the McKenzie method and a matter of fact; I bought a McKenzie book for my boss!


The Therapists at Trails End Physical Therapy has patience and were encouraging. I'm feeling good and getting around with No Cane! I'm even felling good enough to get my 3 wheeled bike out and giving it a try.


Trails End physical Therapy has certainly made my life better. I appreciate the gentle, encouraging and yet, firm approach. I will be sure to recommend "Trails End" to others as a really good group of people and exceptional business.


We've just returned from our 2-month trip in our motor home - 13 states and over 5,000 miles. Thanks to PT on my neck, there were no issues with all my driving or with our hiking and sightseeing. I continue home exercises and posture advice. Headaches are almost non-existent. Trails End Physical Therapy's help and advice made the difference.


Trails End Physical Therapy helped me through my knee replacement "journey"! I appreciate the Staff's gentle spirit. I learned a lot about massage and the manipulation stuff was super helpful in my improvement. It would have been impossible for me to have the results I had without this awesome group of people!


Thanks to Trails End Physical Therapy, I did it! First leg was a moderate 6.2 miles; the 2nd leg was a hard 5.77 miles. I'm sore but not in pain.